CC Outtake: Cadillac Antidote

I like Cadillacs, you like Cadillacs, we all like Cadillacs. Well, maybe not everybody. For those of you who have gotten a little too much Cadillac info on CC today, may I present this pair of Porsches.

For at least 10 years now, I’ve seen them sitting in the driveway of this house. Although I’ve never seen either one on the street, they appear to be regularly driven and kept in good repair. The yellow one has accessory wheels; a rare sight today, I recall seeing them in vintage Porsche brochures. Judging by the big rubber bumper guards in back, it looks to be a ’73. With its bigger bumpers, the red one is a 1974 or later model. And to top it all off, sharing the driveway with them was a mid-’90s Integra. Might there be a new generation of car lovers in this family?