CC Outtake: Drydocked – 1975 Cornbinder

I took this picture in December.  Sometimes it’s tough to tell if something is just sidelined temporarily or if it’s suffering from terminal neglect.  This week I needed to drive by again and I think I have my answer.  Looks to me like nothing at all is missing from the scene and some things actually were added.  It appears to be  a 75 International but it reminds me of a scene from a past life.

This is the picture I took yesterday.  The accumulation seems worse and the truck has not moved.


It reminds me of this.  Nothing is much more useless or helpless than a ship in drydock except maybe, a beached whale.  I have about three projects that are taking way too long and making me doubt myself.  Doubt if any of you have that problem.  Do you?  Lets hear about it?