CC Outtake: Euro Spec LeBaron


I can’t help but wonder what the owners of this LeBaron coupe thought upon taking delivery of their big, new coupe.  Captured in Finland by LDeren, this car is a a European-spec model, making it very different than the increasingly popular American classics finding their way to North Europe these days.


It’s hard to know exactly who in Europe was interested in these cars.  I understand that the minivans were reasonably popular across the pond, but the Neon wasn’t a success and I had no idea the J-body LeBarons ever made it there.


Considering that the coupe variants weren’t even popular here, Chrysler probably figured they’d just try their luck overseas.  The turn signals and taillights were changed, obviously, and I just noticed that the mirrors aren’t the same as the aerodynamically-styled units we saw over here.  How many differences can you spot between this car and our model?