CC Outtake: Extended Turkey or Black Friday-Mobile


Yesterday I ended up off the beaten path, or at least the major boulevards, on my way to work. In keeping with the times, I saw a major, major turkey. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always had a thing for the first Cadillac Seville, but this is about as appealing as one of those six-legged turkeys that John Madden used to have made up for Thanksgiving games on the NFL.


Lots of bone and gristle, but not much meat on this turkey. Well, maybe this grill is showing some bones. It looks like it could have come from an X-body Nova, the skeleton behind this Seville skeleton so cruelly, mediaevally stretched on the rack, but also… Malibu? Fairmont? Caprice? J.C. Whitney?



If you are a down-on-your luck potentate who doesn’t get along with your family, you can drive off with your bodyguard running point, confident that he will not ruin your landau iron with grubby hands.



Happy (day after) Thanksgiving, whether you celebrate in the USA, or simply wonder at American ornithophagy from abroad. May all your opera lamps be fully protected!