CC Outtake: Goodyear Eagle Stock Car Special Tire – The Most Unusual Item Left By A Tenant

CC 254 030 1200

On of the “benefits” of being a landlord is all the wonderful stuff departing tenants leave behind. Need a cheap broom and dustpan? I’ve got about a dozen; just about everyone seems to leave theirs behind. Cleaning supplies? Toiletries? Food? Garbage? Books? Bicycles? Lamps? Fans? Even a refrigerator, which was put to good use since one of mine has a bad fan motor. The list is just getting started, but my shed is getting full. The best score was a 1992 Corolla that I got for almost free ($200).  It’s still running three years later.

But this summer I was the beneficiary of something a bit different, although still automotive. I’d noticed it before, a tire re-purposed into a planter. But I never really looked at it until I had to deal with it. 

CC 254 036 1200

Once I knocked the lilies out of it, I knew this was not just another old truck tire. Tall, and no tread.

CC 254 035 1200

A drag racing slick was my first assumption.

CC 254 032 1200

A Goodyear Eagle Stock Car Special racing tire. Now how did that end up in Eugene? I can’t even think of where the nearest stock car track is.

CC 254 033 1200

27.0 x 10.0 – 15. Not exactly a size Les Schwab carries. And not something I have any use for. So it cost me an extra $5.00 at the dump. I’ll just take it out of their security deposit.