Rolling Classic: Great Scott, A Volaré!

Last Friday morning I was turning from my condominium’s drive onto the street when a caramel-colored 1976-77 Volaré sedan went by. I had not yet gotten any coffee into my system, yet the fact of what I’d seen still registered. Whoa!

1976 Chrysler-Plymouth-05

It was truly a plain-Jane model too, with absolutely no exterior trim. No side molding, no vinyl roof, and it had color-keyed steel wheels with the Mopar dog-dish hubcaps. From the Mercedes-esque grille it was a 1976-77, and it was in pristine condition.

I wish I could have gotten more than the single shot you see here; it was truly a time capsule, with even a period-correct Kimberly C-P tag on the left side–the very same one seen on my 1979 Chrysler Newport CC. Hopefully I’ll catch up with it some day!