CC Outtake: Looks Like The Brougham Fairy Has Visited…

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Earlier this week, I was running errands on my lunch hour when I saw this Buick Century in the CVS parking lot. At first, it looks like any other Century of similar vintage–and there are a LOT of them here in the GM-loving Midwest–but a closer look shows that this car has been seriously Broughamed-out.


No doubt this car was ordered by a little old man or a little old lady, as it has every dealer-installed and aftermarket luxury-car cue. Count them with me: “Buick” mud flaps; chromed side reflector; side-window deflectors; chrome wheel covers; dark red pinstriping; non-standard Buick crest on the C-pillar (installed upside-down); and–of course–the useless chrome luggage rack. And don’t forget the State Farm sticker on the bumper! But hey, where are the whitewalls?

1-16 thru 1-19 2013 002

I was in a bit of a rush and wasn’t able to get a photo of the front of the car, but rest assured that it did have a stand-up Buick hood ornament as well! It also appeared to have a leather interior, which is pretty rare on these. All the extra gingerbread seemed to be professionally done–but to the nameless owner: Please reinstall those C-pillar crests right-side up!

1-16 thru 1-19 2013 002