CC Outtakes: Now THAT’S A Cadillac

I love old Cadillacs, and the ’58 Fleetwood Sixty Special was one of the best. Fins, chrome, hardtop styling, and lots of stainless steel trim. So naturally, I had to share this beautiful specimen I found on the Cohort, shot by Hugo90.


While we here at CC prefer our subjects in a non-car show environment, this was just too good not to post. I love it!

But for those of you who want a ’58 Caddy found in the wild, here’s a few shots of a white ’58 our own Laurence Jones found a while back. It could use a detailing and maybe a little rust repair, but it still looks pretty good.

Our second representative from 1958 appears to be a Series 62, judging from the “Cadillac” script on the fins. Those wide whitewall tires look perfect on a car like this. A 1950s Cadillac with blackwall tires? Perish the thought!

If you’d like to see more shots of this white land yacht, Laurence took even more shots that can be found here on the Cohort. Enjoy!