CC Outtake: Parked At Friday’s On Thursday

Sometimes you can find things where you’d least expect them. For instance, I have been guilty of leaving the TV remote in the kitchen a time or two (once, IN the refrigerator). In much the same way, I wasn’t expecting to see a new Lamborghini parked in the Radisson/Friday’s parking lot in downtown Moline.

Let’s take a closer look at this Gallardo Spyder. You may see these things everywhere in LA or Las Vegas, and I’m sure there are a few in Chicago as well, but in Moline, Illinois (home of John Deere!) they are pretty scarce. It is also nice to see one in the classy blue finish this one sports. You don’t always have to get one in bright primary colors, you know.

My folks and I had dinner and then went to a free outdoor concert that was a couple of blocks away. On the way back to the car, I spotted this car in the same parking lot, parked in the “back 40.”

Believe it or not, I actually got to ride in one of these. About six years ago, a friend of my Dad’s invited us to a track day at Joliet Speedway. Dad and I rode up in his 911, and although it was drizzly that day, he and several other guys from the QC got some racing lessons and got to take their cars out on the track. Dad thought it was pretty cool; so did I.

The car I rode in

This was a pretty flossy event with food and drink, and several of the local exotic car dealers had new models on hand to ogle and even drive, if you were so inclined. I can’t drive a stick (but I can stall them really well!), so I didn’t drive, but I did get a ride on the track in a Gallardo coupe in the same color combination as the Spyder I found in downtown Moline: blue with a cream interior. I even had to wear a helmet.

I have never been in a car that accelerated as fast as this thing. You didn’t really accelerate; you launched. It was overcast, misting and my helmet was uncomfortable, but it was still something I’ll always remember.

This car brought back those memories, and for that, I thank the unknown owner. Nice car!