CC Outtake: Rollin’ Low

Scania R620 V8 10x4 - Nooteboom Euro-96-04(P) - Caterpillar 336E-L

Mucho axles, brute power, hefty. Heayy and special haulage combinations must be the most fascinating on-road big rigs, all over the world.

What we have here is a 2013 Scania R620 V8 10×4 tractor, towing a 2008 Nooteboom Euro-96-04(P) low-loader. Resting on the bed is a Caterpillar 336E-L tracked excavator. The Cat is specialized in serious demolition jobs, given its outfit. I’d say the whole ensemble, implements included, weighs around 85 metric tons (187,000 lbs).