CC Outtake: Snow Removal in the 1950′s

snow removal 1

Like it or not, winter is approaching in the Northern Hemisphere and leaving in the Southern.  Since we are somewhere in between, let’s talk snow!

A co-worker recently gave me these pictures.  His late father had been a maintenance supervisor for the state highway department for many years.  Based upon the pickup, I’m guessing he took these pictures sometime in the late 1950’s.  Both of these were taken here around the state capital, with the picture below taken on the Missouri River bridge.

Years ago, when I lived 100 miles northeast of Jefferson City, I lived across the street from a gentleman who also worked for the state highway department; also a maintenance supervisor, he retired in 1992 with nearly forty years of service.  He once told me a story about when he first started working there in the early 1950’s.

“Jason, you know what salt spreaders looked like?  Me.  We had three people per truck; whoever was the most sober drove while the other two scooped salt.  I quit drinking during the winter because it got damn cold working in the back of that truck all night.”  While there is undoubtedly some exaggeration in his statement, times have certainly changed in the last sixty years.

This appears to be two different men in the back.  Let’s hope they were swapping off on spreading duties.  Click on the pictures for more detail.

snow removal 2