CC Outtake: Something Different – Cushman Car Show Runabout

9-08-2013 090 (800x533)

This past Sunday was the annual car show at Hooters. While my favorite car was a red-over-red ’70 AAR ‘cuda owned by the same guy since 1974, I did have to get a couple shots of this cute little Cushman. Tired of walking all over at a car show? Just hop in, and you can cruise the show in style! Just watch out for those slower attendees…

9-08-2013 092 (800x533)

Here’s the engine, hiding under the seat. The shroud over the engine looks a lot like an old steel beer cooler–especially with that vintage Cushman logo and chrome trim!

It may not have lumbar support, but hey, at least you take have a seat! Sadly, no one was offering rides. If this had just a bit more patina, I think it would fit right in in Eugene!

9-08-2013 091 (800x612)