CC Outtake: Summertime, And The Livin’ Is Easy

CC 254 002 1200

2014 was the warmest summer on record here, and 2015 is off to a good start to beat that, with the hottest June on record. But then everything is relative, especially the lack of humidity here. My old bones actually feel great in the dry heat, and I worked like a dog right through the hottest days in early July…got to get those rentals painted, fixed and turned over to a new batch of renters. And every evening brings a long walk with the dogs along the cool, shady woods by the river and a swim in its refreshing clear water.

So much for me; these two old timers are are enjoying a slow summer day, and they’re not the only ones.

CC 254 005 crop

Someone’s taking a snooze in the shade of the porch. I have my favorite outdoor nap spot too, in a zero-gravity folding lounger out by the garden under the apple tree, but it’s not been getting quite enough use this summer. There’s something very primeval about looking out over one’s lush crops while dozing off.

CC 254 005 1200

There’s still a fair number of Datsun 510s around. In fact, I’ve seen at least a couple of recent arrivals. The Chevettes may soon be gone, but these? Never.

CC 254 002 crop

This is a pretty hoary old Scout, from the first generation. Not too many of these left, but the ones that are are also probably pretty safe.


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