Moving Target: The Elusive Toronado Trofeo

It has been repeatedly requested by CCers–most notably LAx–that we really need to do a CC on that underrated E-body Olds, the 1986-88 Trofeo. Well guess what I saw on my way home this afternoon, after getting some new tires for the wagon?

Yes indeed, it’s a Trofeo. When I first spotted it, it was sitting at a light, but it did indeed pass me a few minutes later. Then I passed it. It turned off into a shopping center a few traffic lights later, but due to water heater issues at home, I was not able to follow and get a full set of pictures. But never fear, I’ve located and shot a last-year ’92 Trofeo for your reading pleasure. Soon, I promise. ‘Till then, this one will have to do. Enjoy!