CC Outtake: The Latest In Hipster Chic? – Cadillac Style!


I didn’t see this one coming. Maybe this is a fluke, but what are the young and hip to do in the Bay Area? I’m pretty sure every W123 has been claimed to Bio-Diesel servitude at this point. Perhaps the stock of Falcons and Comets has been exhausted?

1988 Cadillac Full Line Prestige-24

Well, even as import adoptive was the Bay Area 25 years ago, you still had a number of old-money buyers that would have nothing but a Cadillac. In addition, there were still a number of people finally reaching that point in life when they could afford a Cadillac. Suffice to say, there’s a decent supply of much derided C-Body FWD Cadillacs in the Bay Area–some still running with HT4100s!


Hipsters mature, too! These little big boats offer all of the brougham isolation they might want, but in a tidier and more modern and efficient package than most old boats of yore (I doubt Town Cars will ever become hip. Well, maybe after they’re all out of livery service). They can be reasonably economical, and have great stretch-out room for four (six, in a pinch!). Add in the fact that most people consider them among Cadillac’s major downfalls of the 1980s, and you have a perfect storm that would cause these little boxes to become the height of ironic and cynical chic 25 years later.