CC Outtake: The Lost Glendale Trailer Graveyard


I’ve been coming to this campground all my life, over 45 years.  It is also the secret location of the trailer graveyard that time forgot…

This privately owned campground is not open to the public but is accessible through my retired father’s former employer. Over the years a collection of stored and/or abandoned trailers has assembled near the North entrance.  The ones on the right are definitely still in seasonal use, the ones on the left not so much.  Most interesting to me are the units made by Glendale trailers of Strathroy Ontario. I had a look last August while the D family was camping with my parents.


Up first is this early 60’s Glenelle, probably the oldest one of the lot:

As you can see I kind of like this unit, it’s small and cute. You would almost think this could be a fun restoration project, just redo the inside and polish the outside. It would look great being pulled by the 1963 Mercury that’s still in my area.


But the kitschy interior had a lot of water damage, some big black ants and the strong smell of decay. This trailer had its lock forced and had been recently moved, probably in preparation for disposal.


This 21’ Golden Falcon is a larger and more upscale model, probably about the same age as the Glenelle.


There’s no date code in Glendale serial numbers, so it’s hard to know for sure.  Glendale was founded in 1950 and was once the largest RV manufacturer in Canada.


This late 1960’s Golden Falcon is the classic model, with zippy anodized aluminum panels. This was THE trailer to have when I was a kid in the 1970’s, and put our little 6’ Sears canvas popup to shame.

Again, this looks like an interesting project but since I read Keith Thelan’s post about fixing his camper insert I can guess what horrors lurk under that faded aluminum skin.


During the 1970’s Glendale switched to plastic exterior panels.


Like me, this groundhog is unimpressed and prefers the earlier aluminum cladding.

I’m sure that most of the owners of these abandoned trailers are too elderly or deceased to care about their state, or their fate. A couple of trailers have FOR SALE signs in a window, but it’s a very small pool of people who will ever see them.

A note was up at the office that trailers will be removed if they have not paid up the storage fees, but that has been threatened for a couple of years. Since the old Glenelle had recently been moved maybe they are finally making good on the threat.

Glendale changed with the times, and survived until the recession of 2009.  They still operate an RV dealership in Strathroy but no longer manufacture trailers. Strathroy is no longer the Elkhart, Indiana of Ontario.