CC Outtake: Volvo 960 Limousine – I’m Not Kidding


I’m sure most of you have ridden in a chauffeured car at least once in your life before. Whether it be a Town Car, SUV, or the full stretched limousine, it’s a classy feeling being picked up, having the door held for you, and riding in the confines of deep-tint glass. More than often, the car that picks you up is a late-model black Lincoln Town Car. While there’s nothing wrong with the tried-and-true Town Car, it’s hardly exclusive (and frankly, not much more luxurious than any other large car with leather seats). So maybe you’d like something a bit more unique, something Swedish maybe? Well how about a Volvo 960 limousine?


With the discontinuation of the long-running Panther-based Town Car, and Lincoln’s MKT Town Car not really catching on as a successor, I’ve been seeing a lot of different vehicles in black suit with livery plates. Besides the ever-popular Suburban/Escalade/Navigator alternatives, these include the Audi A8, Cadillac XTS, Mercedes Benz E- and S-Class, Hyundai Equus, Toyota Avalon, and even the super-status Tesla Model S. But never before have I seen a Volvo in livery service, let alone a Volvo stretch limousine. This mid-90s 960 is the first Volvo to make that list.


Obviously not the standard car for a limo conversion, it doesn’t come across quite as cohesive as a Town Car stretch does. It would be much more pleasing to the eye if that middle window was longer, and if the filler panels on either side were the same width. Being an aftermarket stretch, I can’t vouch for any of its safety features that traditionally come to mind when you think of Volvo.


Googling images, I came across other 960 limos, so this is not the only one. I should also add that it was parked outside a large foreign auto body and service shop that specializes in Volvos. Could they have been the ones who did the conversion?