CC Outtake: White Whale

While I was on John Deere Road last weekend, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a vintage Continental on the frontage road with a stereotypical elderly couple inside. I thought they were stopping at the gas station, but when the car continued past it I knew where they were going. It was about 11:00, you see, which is the perfect lunch time for folks of a certain age.

The side road goes only to two places past the gas station, a restaurant and a tire store. As I expected, it was parked at the restaurant. This one is not any old Continental, but a Collector’s Series, the last hurrah for boat-sized Connies.

It was a little rusty around the edges, but it was all there. The navy-leather interior, however, was still in great shape. Since most Collector’s Series Lincolns either have been kept as new, with zero miles, or restored by Lincoln aficionados, seeing one “in the rough” was a little surprising. I wish Ford would stop giving us Fusions with extra gingerbread–how about a “real” new Lincoln? Don’t even get me started on discontinuing the Town Car…