CC Outtake: Zimmer Quicksilver – Hot Dog

Riviera?  Toronado?  Eldorierabird?

Nope, this is a Zimmer Quicksilver.

My new Flickr acquaintance That Hartford Guy scours the interwebz looking for interesting photos of really clean old cars, and these snaps turned up, probably for the sale of this car.  I’d heard of Zimmers, but never this model, and I figured some of you hadn’t either.

Some quick research indicates less than 200 Quicksilvers were produced over a few years in the mid-1980s.  As you may have guessed, this car is built on a conspicuously-stretched Pontiac Fiero, giving what is to my eye a rather dachshund side profile.

There are many familiar lines on this car, but also some unique ones.  The rear bumper, especially, looks quite heavy, but the chrome work looks excellent.  Fit and finish comes across as better than a Fiero ever deserved.

The brougham is strong in this front end, but I kinda like it.  I do wonder how this thing drives; the Fiero was not known as a smooth boulevard cruiser as this creation seems to want to be.