Battle of the Beaters – Part 2: A Celebrity Falls From Grace

chevrolet celebrity beater (2)

Yesterday, we looked at a bright yellow (and gray and black) Fiat 131 that had earned proud beater status, and which had fortunately not been found torched in a ravine somewhere. But parts availability and repair costs are bound to be a pain point for an uncommon Italian car. Maybe something a little more common would be preferable, perhaps something with front-wheel-drive to help in winter driving. The Chevrolet Celebrity was once loved by the general public and enjoyed soaring popularity, but like a fading celebrity, this beater is now unknown, unloved and doing anything it can to stay in the biz.

This Celebrity has certainly seen a heaping helping of winter driving if that rust is any indication. Road salt has tried its hardest to kill this venerable A-Body but it has survived, owing to the reliable, if uninspiring, Iron Duke powering it.

chevrolet celebrity beater (3)

This appears to be a 1984 model based on the grille and taillights, but seeing how battered it is, it’s possible those parts could have been scavenged from other Celebrities. The Celebrity story is one I will soon tell: I spotted precisely two in NYC, and the other was a post-facelift example that was in the exact opposite condition!

chevrolet celebrity beater (1)

This gnarly looking Chevy is just one exhaust backfire from being the archetypal beater. But is it the ultimate beater? Or would you like to see what is behind door No. 3?