Battle of the Beaters – Part 3: La Grandé Finale

cadillac deville beater (2)

Yesterday’s Celebrity showed some GM cars can weather a lot of abuse. But isn’t a Chevrolet just too common? Let’s climb the Sloanian ladder and check out what may be the Ultimate Beater, if not in decrepitude then in sheer size and presence.

This 1969-70 Cadillac Sedan de Ville may lack the mismatched paintjob and copious amounts of rust of the other beaters, but it mounts a strong challenge for the Ultimate Beater trophy. Firstly, it is filled with junk. If there was any lovely brocade cloth or leather trim inside, it is probably tattered and torn by now. Secondly, the exterior is battered and worn. Was this Caddy involved in some kind of shopping cart demolition derby? Or is parking in Brooklyn’s Windsor Terrace neighborhood really that rough and tumble? Rust is eating away at the rocker panels and the rub strips are halfway gone. The factory olive drab paint job makes this seasoned Caddy look even more menacing. If the ideal beater for you is something that has that Uncle Buck charm – that is to say, sheer size – then this Caddy must surely be the Ultimate Beater.