CC Outtake: Cougar Krazy Kat Edition

CC 252 104 1200

Eugene doesn’t call to everyone. But for those that hear its song and can dance to it properly, well, the results can be…seen everywhere, especially in the off-beat cars, trucks and old buses. Certain predictable themes re-emerge regularly, like the hippie-buses in rainbow paints, as well as the old VW buses. But it can take different forms too, like this personalized Mercury Cougar, hardly a typical Eugene-mobile. But a bit of work can make even the most unlikely car dance to the drum circle. 

CC 252 105 1200

I’m not going to leave much commentary, as this car speaks quite well for itself.

CC 252 106 1200


CC 252 107 1200

FWIW, Dutch Bros is a regional coffee drive-through chain.

CC 252 108 1200

Why am I not able to place this V6 emblem? It’s so familiar.

CC 252 109 1200

Can’t leave things stock on the inside either.

CC 252 111 1200

And must have requisite chihuahua on dash.

CC 252 102 1200

The back end has not been neglected.

CC 252 112 1200

Trunk vents; every car should have some.

CC 252 103 1200

Are you ready to move to Eugene?