Big Truck Outtake: GMC Farm Truck – School Me


As I was leaving the auto parts store, I noticed this rig parked at the neighboring elementary school. It’s gotta be somewhere between 1949-54, but I can’t peg it exactly… anybody know for sure?

The chrome in front really dresses this truck up nicely. Wonder where they ever managed to find a push bumper for it?


I may not know the exact year, but one thing is for sure: this rig is mighty impressive for being sixty-some years old and still wearing “farm use” plates. Wonder why it was parked at the school, in the employee lot no less? Either somebody has a hobby farm, or just has good taste in trucks.


Sure, it was a little rough around the edges – but other than where it’s trying to rust through, that age merely adds to the charm of seeing it still doing its thing.

This is a farming community – has been for many years, and still is today. Thus, it’s not hard to picture this truck in its prime, rolling down the same streets and roads that it does today. The elevator that once stood near here may be long gone, but perhaps it’ll be making a stop at the Co-Op farm store after its owner gets off work.