Brochure Outtake: 1990 Lincoln Town Car – Panthers Join The Go-Go ’90s

1990 Lincoln Town Car-09

In 1990, you still could get a great luxury car if you wanted one, especially in the redesigned ’90 Town Car. Still unapologetically traditional, its elegance remained intact despite the loss of the ’70s style razor edges of the 1980-89 model. It even won the 1990 Motor Trend Car of the year–for what it’s worth. Has any Lincoln won an award since?

1990 Lincoln Town Car-13

Despite the bumpy start to the decade, most of the ’90s were pretty flush, starting in 1993 or so. And the Town Car was right there with us, providing a solace from the Gulf War, S&L screw-ups, Pan-Am’s demise, Zima commercials, those Budweiser frogs and the Macarena. An isolation chamber was just the ticket for many!

It is my opinion that 1990 was the last time a redesigned Town Car really had both the traditional luxury look and modern touches down to a “T.” The 1998-02 generation lost a lot of details, chrome accents and, of course, the infamous Jac Nasser cost-cutting was beginning to get all-too obvious even in top-trim Lincolns.

1987 Lincoln-04

To our younger viewers, I imagine a 1990 TC looks rather old hat, but when you consider how drastically modern it appeared when compared to the 1989 model, the change is dramatic!