Campground Outtake: DeSoto Suburban – Long Roof For A Long Board

Suburbans aren’t an uncommon sight in recreation areas, but they’re usually of the more recent, Chevrolet variety. But here’s a DeSoto Suburban which pulled into an almost empty lakeside parking area in Custer State Park, South Dakota last month, early in the morning as we were preparing to leave the campground. It was a weekday, and I saw no significant number of older cars in the area so I don’t think it was part of a show or meetup.

Just a handy rig to carry a long standup paddleboard. The driver looked like he was born in the K-Car era, long after Desoto had disappeared from the market. And this was the first DeSoto I’ve seen in decades. I believe it’s a 1948, first year of the S10 series (another designation appropriated by GM) but will welcome corrections.