Car Show Outtake: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS350 Convertible–The Camaro for People Who Are Sick of Camaros


Only a handful of antique automobiles are celebrated in their ubiquity to the extent of the first generation Camaro. Their popularity has bred popularity like some perpetual motion machine that feeds on its own inertia.  People like them because people like them.  As a result, they tend to fade into the background for me, because even in my medium-sized town, they’re seemingly everywhere during the summer months.  

Every once in a while, however, an early Camaro will remind me why they’re so popular.  I submit for your approval the only decent shot I was able to take of one Granada Gold 1967 Camaro, perhaps the only one in the world that doesn’t have an LS-motor and a pro-touring stance or a counterfeit pro-stock vibe.  Stock is nice on these.