Car Show Outtake: 1973 AMC Matador Wagon: This Is A Matador, Too

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Since I have decreed today to be Matador Day, here’s yet another I saw last summer at the weekly Culver’s cruise night in Davenport. It’s burnt orange, it’s a wagon, and it’s a 1973.

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Yes, this one was a little bit modified, but it still looked quite nice. With those wheels, though, I don’t think the Bradys just stopped off for burgers and fries on their way to the Grand Canyon.

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With the exception of the floor mats and neatly integrated auxiliary gauges, it was still 1973 inside, right down to the thin-rimmed steering wheel and factory AM radio. And is that a vintage radar detector below the light switch?

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And dig those seats! Wow, I didn’t realize the Matador wagon was part of the 1973 Montgomery Ward collection. Very Broughamy.

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The wagon is my favorite of the 1970-78 Rebel/Matador midsizers, as they did not get the contrived Coke-bottle posterior of the four-door sedan. The 1970-73 coupes, despite getting the same fender update, looked much better with their semi-fastback styling and wide, trapezoidal C-pillar.

1974 Matador Wagon-02 (800x380)

Even the later model wagons with the Jimmy Durante nose looked good to me!

Seeing an AMC is always a treat as they were always boring, vanilla cars–with the exception of the SC/Rambler, AMX and Javelin–and thus driven into the ground and disposed of. But even plain vanilla family transportation like this Matador wagon deserves some CC love. They don’t make them anymore, you know!

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