Car Show Outtake: 1988 Pontiac Parisienne Safari – Custom Cruiser Crossover?


By the 1980s, the big Pontiac wagons weren’t such big sellers, but that didn’t stop a few loyal Pontiac buyers from purchasing the brand’s final B-bodies, which by this point were limited to the Parisienne Safari wagon. The di-noc may not be original, but it looks like a quality restoration, and more importantly, it’s a sign that this rare bird is being well-cared for these days.


Just about all signs show that this example is indeed a Pontiac, and even the VIN verifies this. However, I noticed something a bit peculiar going on around back. In the place of Pontiac’s ribbed taillight clusters are…


The taillights from an Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser! Something tells me that this was clearly not an error, as the Oldsmobile insignias have been removed and replaced with what look like surf boards. Either Pontiac taillights could not be found, or the owner just really likes the Oldsmobile ones better. Guess it gives new meaning to the phrase “Custom Cruiser”.