Car Show Outtake: Get Your Photo Taken In An “Iconic Movie Car”

Last weekend’s RACQ Motorfest had an interesting little sideshow. You could get your photo taken with famous cars from movies! You may notice this ECTO-1 isn’t a ’59 Cadillac like the one from Ghostbusters or even an ’84 like the one from the Ghostbusters reboot. It wasn’t the most inaccurate vehicle in this sideshow…

In fairness to the Ghostbusters LTD’s owner, they did a pretty decent job – including a big Slimer on the hood – and there’s naturally far fewer Cadillacs in Australia to use as a base. They used a big American car so it works in spirit and looks pretty good.

I haven’t seen any of the Terminator films so I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this 1979-80 Ford LTD wagon. I can, however, say the man dressed up as the Terminator was a lot of fun. He was pointing his mini-gun at kids and posing for photographs in character.

Less impressive were the cars from the movie Cars.

Here’s Lightning McQueen, a Hyundai Coupé (Tiburon) dressed up like the lead character in the films. Ok, ok, so Lightning McQueen isn’t based on any specific car so you can forgive the Hyundai’s owner some creative licence. And it’s been dressed up a bit, and it’s not as though the Hyundai Tiburon wasn’t a sporty-looking coupe.

But Sally Carrera? A Mazda 121? Even the kids didn’t fall for this one as I didn’t see a single child so much as look at Sally Autozam Revue… sorry, “Sally Carrera”. They didn’t even put “eyes” over the windshield.

My regret? I should have had my photo taken with this one!