Car Wash Classic Outtake: Lancia Flavia Coupe

Lancia Flavia Coupe 2

I’m not sure if the car wash is a category on CC but that is where this one was found!

Lancia Flavia Coupe

I was driving, or at least sitting, in heavy traffic when I saw a distinctive car shape that is not often seen these days.  A Lancia Flavia coupe, the Italian engineering jewel with the flat-four engine, and in fantastic condition.

Lancia Flavia coupe sedan 2000 coupe

This car is similar to one owned by a friend, although his was in storage awaiting restoration.  Talking to him at the excellent biennial Lancia Rally at Castlemaine last October (where this lineup of Flavia coupe and sedan, and facelifted 2000 Coupe was seen), he has since sold it, but still has his Flavia sedan.

Lancia Flavia Coupe plate

Interestingly, the registration plate here appears to be the original from South Australia rather than Victoria where the car is now.  I am not sure why but it seems back then there were a variety of number plate manufacturers, or perhaps you could make your own, and as such there are some creative items out there such as this one with its hand-painted lettering and tailored size to fit the aperture on the boot lid of the Lancia.


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