CC Driveway Outtake : Renaults Only Allowed

Browsing through an old USB key revealed a lot of old pictures I had taken a few years ago. In these COVID-19 shutdown times, I think it is wise to unbury them.

Here is a picture of my parents’ driveway during a family meeting for my mother’s birthday, taken in February 2007.

As you can see, we were very loyal to Renault. Is it due to the fact that there was a Renault shop in our small town? That my uncle was working there for years? Maybe both…

On this picture, there is an interesting variety of popular Renaults from different ages. As you, North American readers, might not be accustomed with cars not sold in your shores, let me name them:

  • 2002 Mégane Scenic (green, grandpa)
  • 2005 Clio (petrol blue, cousin)
  • 1994 Clio (red, aunt #1)
  • 1996 Mégane Coupé (dark grey, mine !)
  • 2001 Mégane (greenish grey, aunt #2)
  • 1988 Renault 25 (the blue rear quarter panel in the very background, uncle)

For the purpose, here is a picture of my Mégane, showing off in front of the famous Renault shop, now closed for years:

Nowadays, only the 2005 Clio and 2001 Mégane are still driven by their owners. The other cars are gone and were replaced… by other makes. Who knows? Is it a consequence of the closure of the shop?