CC Geography Outtake: The Intersection of Ford and Fairlane

A while back my sister sent me an email at work which contained this picture.  Her sole statement was:  Did you know this intersection existed?

No, I did not.

It’s located in our birthplace of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, not that far from where our parents currently reside.

There is also a Chrysler Avenue in Cape Girardeau, but it does not intersect with either Saratoga Avenue or Windsor Avenue, which are both also within the city limits.

Legend has it there are streets in a subdivision near the DC Metro area named Pontiac and Tempest.  Sadly, they don’t intersect.  Further, an area within Speedway, Indiana, has various car named streets, with Lincoln Drive and Cadillac Road intersecting.  A quick search found a second such intersection in rural Green Township, well south of Speedway, so it appears there may be multiple.

Have you discovered any car named intersections in your travels?