CC Global Outtake: To Eternity, With a 1958 Edsel

(first posted 6/10/2017)       Pride in one’s car finds many ways to be expressed.  For many, a cap or t-shirt is enough; some may go as far as to tattoo its image or logo on their bodies; a few will ensure that they are linked to their favorite car into eternity.  It may be safe to say that only once in human history has anyone chosen to be immortalized with an Edsel, however, and it happened far from Dearborn, Michigan, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Antonia Carmen Casellas Gual chose to be remembered with her clearly prized 1958 Edsel on the family tomb in La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, among the grand tombs of national heroes and prominent families of Argentina.  Regardless of the first year Edsel’s reputation in the United States, it was a large, luxurious, and distinctive vehicle by the standards of the rest of the world in the 1950s, and this bright blue one was an Argentine lady’s pride and joy over half a century ago and will be part of her identity into eternity.

Remarkably, this Edsel is not only a survivor, it is still owned by the same family.  This video of a 2015 car show in Buenos Aires features this very car and an interview of its current owner, beginning at 8:10.  Identified in the video as Fernando Lamas, he must be a descendant of Argentine Navy Commander (capitan de fragata) Jorge Lamas Casellas, on whose tomb (shown here) the plaque commemorating his cousin Antonia appears, or his brother Fernando Lamas Casellas (not the “marvelous” actor Fernando Lamas from Argentina, whose full name was Fernando Alvaro Lamas y de Santos).  This Fernando Lamas has a great family treasure that one hopes will stay in the family as far into eternity as possible.