CC One Shot: 1991 Toyota Pickup – Caught On Creampuff Corner

1991 Toyota Pickup

Another week, another sighting of a what appears to be an impeccably kept vehicle waiting to make a left turn in the same place as the Lincoln Mark VII last week.  Although while this time it’s a less high-falutin’ vehicle I’d guess the current resale value of this one is far higher than that of the Lincoln, never mind that the Lincoln cost significantly more when new.  And likely has required far more care and feeding in the years since.

This 1991 pickup is a bog standard 2WD regular cab model, likely with the legendary 22R engine.  Odds are that it’s still with its original owner who looks to have taken great care of it.  The paint-matched Brahma camper shell (and others like it) have always been a popular addition to enclose the cargo space, the mud flaps on all four corners point to a fastidious owner, and the chrome bumper still sparkles like new.  The truck’s thirty years old, plenty of older/retired owners take great care of their vehicles and don’t drive them in bad weather, but how old could the owner have been when acquiring this truck?  While some Toyota pickups were still being built in Japan for 1991, many were also made at NUMMI in Fremont, CA, the current Tesla plant.

There’s no greater advertisement for the longevity and toughness of Toyota trucks than the fact that any self-respecting Middle Eastern warlord runs a fleet of them, although those are generally 4WD models with far more garish side stripes than the ones this one sports.  In fact the trucks were (and are) considered so good that even the United States purchased, outfitted, and used a number of them, mainly for clandestine missions.

Toyota’s done a wide variety of side stripes (as did all of the pickup makers) and it’s usually the easiest way to distinguish the specific model year, lots of squinting at fuzzy little pictures uploaded brochures established the year of this one as 1991 for me.  Still, if the 4WD ones can survive years (decades?) of running around the desert with a 50-caliber mounted in the bed and what always seems to be a minimum of at least half a dozen mujahideen riding along then a 2WD in suburbia should be able to last, well, forever and a day.  This doesn’t mean that I support any kind of jihad or anything else along those lines, I’m merely using it as an illustrative example – The Chevy S-10 may be “Like a Rock” and the Ranger may be “Built Ford Tough”, but I’ve not seen either dune hopping across the desert.  As a point of comparison, back in 1991 the Toyota’s tagline was “I Love What You Do For Me”.  What it apparently does for people is hold up very well indeed.