CC Outake: Montana Military Might

Back in the old days, CC had a run of Truck Saturdays.  After the Mack pumper, this piece from Dave Saunders will fit right into that theme.  So, for at least for one day, let’s have an old time CC Truck Saturday!  JPC

I recently popped into the Montana border town of Sweetgrass. Amazingly about half the town seems to consist of a storage yard for old, retired military vehicles. Below is a small sample. How many can you identify?

Any ideas on the yellow paint? Really stands out of in a sea of green.

There were even a few classic cars in there but you can’t get close without trespassing. I suspect it is not the best idea to trespass on the land of a guy who collect military trucks …

You can always tell a Jeep.

I believe this one is an aircraft de-icer.