CC Outtake: 1947 Dodge Power Wagon – Still Ready To Conquer

Driving along a side road of an outer Melbourne industrial suburb, this distinctive cab profile stood out amongst the modern pickups surrounding it, and I had to stop to grab a couple of quick photos.  It is a 1947 Dodge Power Wagon, and is quite the powerful machine in more ways than one.

The registration plate shows the little red sticker that signifies it is running on LPG, or more likely dual fuel.  Note that lpg is also called gas here (normal petrol aka gasoline is not), because it is actually a gas!  There is every chance something other than the original flat-head six is under the bonnet, which would be a good idea because you lose power running on LPG.  A Power Wagon is never going to be a ball of fire but you want it to be able to get out of its own way!

The big chunky tyres, and capacity to take anything your expedition might require on the tray make this a powerful imagination machine; just think of where you might go!  And thanks to its comparative lack of refinement compared to a modern pickup, even the daily drive to work would seem like an adventure.  Chances are the same guy has been driving it for the best part of 25 years.