CC Outtake: 1957 Chrysler 300C Convertible

I was browsing the Cohort and ran across these great photos of a forlorn Chrysler 300C convertible.

Any letter-series Chrysler 300 is a great find, but the 1957 300C is arguably the best. You got 375 horsepower from a 392-cid hemi V8, clean, no-nonsense trim, soaring fins, and that great eggcrate grille. And, for the first time, a convertible was available in addition to the two door hardtop. What’s not to like?

I would have thought all of these cars would be restored and living in climate-controlled garages by now, but this one proves me wrong. The coupes are rare enough, with 1,767 built, but this convertible is one of only 484. Here’s hoping it gets back on the road soon. In the meantime, the ’66 Barracuda and ’66 Cadillac will keep it company.

Special hat tip to Laurence Jones, who posted these great pictures at the Cohort!