CC Outtake: 1961 Rambler American Super – With Flash-O-Matic

Portland has its fair share of old Ramblers still cruising our streets, but this is 1961 American is kind unusual even here. A badge on the trunk indicates that this was a “Super” model, the mid-range trim version with a bit of bright accents and a somewhat nicer interior. And it’s even sporting the Flash-O-Matic transmission.

The 1961 was a major redesign of their smallest car.New(ish)on the outside, but still mostly a 1951 Rambler on the inside.

While this one needs some work, it’s nice to see it still around, and hopefully its owner keeps this little beauty on the road for many years to come.

It may say “Super” but that does not imply it had super performance, especially with the standard 90 hp flathead “Flying Scot” six. Optional was a 125 hp ohv version of the venerable 195.6 cubic inch six, with its small 3.13″ bore and mighty 4.25″ stroke.


This one has Rambler’s Flash-O-Matic automatic, built by Borg-Warner. And Rambler’s All-Season air conditioning was optional. Was the ’61 American the first compact with factory air? The ’61 Studebaker Lark offered a/c too, but it was an under dash unit unlike Rambler’s more integrated system.


Here’s a full CC on a ’61 American