CC Outtake: 1965 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint – Bellissima Doesn’t Get Close!

1965 alfa romeo 2600_3

I don’t know about you but I always feel better when I see an old Alfa Romeo, and a 1965 2600 Sprint is close enough to amazing to deserve reporting. I was actually on an errand to a plumber’s merchant for a piece for a spa bath, and spotted what is the first Alfa Romeo 2600 I can remember ever seeing.

1965 alfa romeo 2600_4

Paul has reviewed the 2600 Sprint previously, and described it as one of the greatest designs of the century., and I’m not going to disagree on that. Interestingly, although it was Giugiaro’s first car for Bertone, his second car was seen by the public first, as the British Gordon-Keeble.

Power came from a DOHC 2584cc straight six, Alfa’s last straight six, and could get to around 120 mph. It was a true four seater, though the interior on this car was actually containing various trim panels for some reason.


The 2600 Sprint was the basis for the 2600 Sprint Zagato,with styling by Ercole Spada, showing some links to the works Zagato were doing for Lancia.  Fellow Curbivore Don Andreina shared this photo of the very rare, even by the standards of the Alfa 2600, Sprint Zagato.


The feature car was parked outside our local Alfa specialist, and in the CC skunk works there’s piece comprising of shots from a wander around their frontage area, but for now here’s a taster

Alfa Romeo 2600s are so few and far between that official statistics don’t record how many are on Britain’s roads, but it’s almost certainly in single figures. So your video is from Italy, and I don’t think that’s a problem.

As it happens, though they’re scarce, they are actually more common than spa bath spares in North Hertfordshire! Somehow, for one reason or another, I think I’ll be going back the plumber’s merchant.