CC Outtake: 1967 Volvo 1800S – Safe Flights, Everyone

1967- '69 Volvo 1800S, CC

I spotted this beauty on Thanksgiving Day three years ago, while on a walk with extended family through this suburban neighborhood outside of Washington, DC.  I had the pleasure of speaking very briefly with the car’s owner, who came out of his house for something while I was taking pictures.  In the moment, I neglected to ask him about any of the car’s specifics, but deduced the approximate model year from internet research.

092 - 1967 - '69 Volvo 1800S CC

While fellow Swedish automaker SAAB made much about the relationship and similarities (even if only metaphorically) between their cars and their aircraft, it’s this Volvo 1800S that looks much more to me like it’s in mid-flight – even while parked curbside.  Safe returns to my fellow American, Thanksgiving holiday travelers, to wherever you call home – and also to CC-reading friends around the world who simply got away for the weekend.

As photographed by the author in Bethesda, Maryland on Thursday, November 22, 2012.