CC Outtake: 1968 Pontiac Le Mans – Is It Worth Anything?


This shell of a car showed up in my neighborhood in Corvallis, OR a few days ago out of nowhere. I was on my morning walk, and seeing this thing stopped me in my tracks. Rarely have I seen such a stripped down hulk anywhere. Even the wrecking yards usually scrap out a car long before it reaches this condition.

At first I thought it was a late 1960s Pontiac GTO convertible. But after looking at it for a while, I realized how much I rely on the badges and emblems that are usually displayed on a car to help me identify it.


Then, my girlfriend Michelle had the brilliant idea of looking at the VIN number. Through the wonder of the Internet, I was able to decode the VIN, and find out exactly what this car is/was:

2 – Pontiac
37 – Le Mans
67 – Convertible
8 – 1968
B – Baltimore, MD
140815 – Production number

So, it turns out it’s a 1968 Le Mans.

Do you think this car is worth saving? How much effort and money will be required to get this car back on the road? Will the investment be worth it in the end? I have my doubts.

The three flat tires are studded snow tires.

I don’t think this car will be around for long. The police here are usually pretty quick about ticketing cars that are parked on the street and do not have current registration tags on the license plate.

I wonder what stories this car could tell. Maybe somebody had big dreams about a ground-up restoration and then gave up. Or maybe this was a parts car, and all the usable parts have been pulled off of it. (I think the latter is much more likely to be the case with this car.) Who knows?

Just another Curbside Classic Mystery on wheels.