CC Outtake: 1976 Corolla Liftback – The Dragon Roars

Eugene’s 20×21 Mural Project’s goal is to have 20 world-class murals by the time of the 2021 IAFF World Champions, which Eugene is hosting. Several have already appeared, including this one by Chinese artist Hua Tunan. It’s at a favorite location of mine, directly across the street from where this Corolla Liftback has been parked at the curb along with the ’72 Cadillac that was my first-ever CC. The Caddy left a couple of years ago, but the Corolla is still there, and now has a colorful backdrop.

Since the lighting was not ideal the day I shot this, here’s a pic from Eugene’s web site, where the other murals may also be perused if you should feel so inclined.  We just ran into one of the other ones on our walk today; they are a welcome addition to our streetscape.

I suppose it’s more than a wee bit symbolic to to have seen the Corolla outlive the Cadillac, and now see a Chinese mural as a backdrop to the Corolla. Of course the Olson Kurb Van behind it may well outlive them all. Aluminum bodies have staying power.

But the Corolla has hung in there, looking barely changed in the nine years since I first shot it.  As well as the Caddy disappearing, the Element has been replaced by the Fiat 500. Some things change, others don’t. I’m curious to see how long the Corolla lasts there. It may well be a while.