CC Outtake: 1982 Cadillac Seville By Global Coach – Gilded Lily

I ran into this car on my way back from the lake yesterday, the same night I had to finish my Seville story and after not seeing a Seville of this vintage for months and months anywhere around here.  We’ll use it as a coda to our epic Battle of Seville.

I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking on this one, because with this car, they talk LOUDLY.

It’s actually a pretty cool emblem, or it would be if the plating hadn’t dissolved.

This monster appears to have had a life like many nice but not truly special old cars; it was probably babied for many years until someone got it much more recently that didn’t really take care of it.  Notice the lack of body damage and the intact bumper filler panels.

I didn’t bother to try to figure out what year this car is, but suffice to say it most likely to have a 4.1 with wiped cam lobes and low oil pressure.

At least the hubcaps match, or are these real wheels?  I didn’t bother to notice.

The vinyl on this top was that VERY soft, thin kind, and never stood a chance.

Here’s to blind ambition!