CC Outtake: 1983 Subaru BRAT – A Bright Star On A Gloomy Day


(first posted 1/9/2016)    Today was a very sloppy day outside with an uncharacteristically wet and heavy snowfall – as my wife and I headed to lunch, while getting out of our car and admiring the blue Tundra 4WD I heard a familiar sound from the past behind me.  As I turned my head I saw this marvelous Subaru pulling around us and into a spot next to us.


Before the driver was even out of his car I had my phone set to camera in hand and was walking over while my wife just said “Oh, jeez” and walked away into the sandwich shop.  As the driver exited the Subaru I introduced myself and asked if it would be alright to take a few pictures.  He gave me the look that all of us contributors are familiar with by now, told me to go ahead, and then went into a nearby building after confirming the year and that it only had around 130,000 miles on it.


Colorado may be one of the Subaru creature’s natural habitats (along with Vermont and the Pacific Northwest) but we still don’t see that many BRAT’s anymore or really any Subaru’s of this generation for that matter.  The sound of its flat-four engine reminded be of the one from my old 1982 Wagon.

The tan color was fairly popular back in the day and looks great on this car among a sea of bland silver and black cars around here.  “Beige-mobile” is usually a pejorative term and doesn’t really refer to color but in this example the actual beige-ness is a large part of its beauty.  Or character.  Yes, character is probably a better word.


While I’m not personally a big fan of the wheels on this example or the way they stick out too far I’m sure they’ve been with this car for probably at least two decades.  I do on the other hand really like the camper shell and the row of lights on top of the roof.  The headlight grilles are a nice touch as well.  I wonder if this one still has the jump seats in the back?  No time to find out for sure today, my lunch date was waiting!