CC Outtake: 1985 Ford LTD Crown Victoria 2-Door Sedan – Call Me Vicky

What is it about a 2-door coupe that makes it inherently sexier than a 4-door sedan? Does having two fewer doors really change the entire personality of a vehicle?

In some ways yes. From a sheer visual perspective, coupe doors are usually longer, which visually elongates the look of the body while also lowering the roofline for greater “trick” elegant proportions. In many cases, coupes will actually sport altered styling from their sedan counterparts, often with actual lowered rooflines, longer hoods, wider tracks, and frameless doors for a sleeker, sexier appearance.

Yet sometimes, especially in the past, a coupe will not feature any drastic body changes beyond the doors, even retaining the sedan’s roofline, therein making them a “2-door sedan”. Still, no matter how hedonistic, there’s an intrinsic value about a 2-door that just gives it a more exclusive, more fun, and sometimes even sportier than a 4-door. Even if it’s a 1985 LTD Crown Victoria.

Ford of course produced far sexier and sportier coupes during this era in the Thunderbird and Mustang, but even this rather basic and stodgy fullsize 2-door sedan gives off a little more let down your hair vibe than the 4-door. If the 4-door was fittingly a Victoria, the 2-door was decidedly more of a Vicky.

Photographed: South Weymouth, Massachusetts – February 2018

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