CC Outtake: 1988 Honda Accord DX – Still Standing

“Hey! What is Klockau doing writing up an ’80s Super Mario Brothers-era Japanese sedan?! Where’s the ’87 Town Car Signature or ’89 Electra Limited?!” Yes, yes, I am much more well-known ’round these parts for American fare, the Broughamier, the better. But still, this car was just too clean and interesting to ignore.

Seen at the annual Hooters Car Show in Davenport, this car was most definitely NOT in the show. It was parked behind a favorite Italian restaurant of mine, Lunardi’s, and judging from the decal in the rear window of this white Accord, the owner must work there. But it was so clean, and the dark red interior was a nice break from tan, black, light gray, medium gray, and beige interior palettes!

My only direct experience with these was one owned by my grade-school principal. He had had a burgundy FWD X-body Pontiac Phoenix, and after what was likely a less-than-desirable ownership experience, traded it in for a brand-new, top-of-the-line gunmetal gray 1986 Accord LX-i sedan, with alloys, color-keyed bumpers and a nice interior. They kept it well into the ’90s.

This ’88 or ’89 DX isn’t quite so fancy, but it was a real clean car!