CC Outtake: 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera – Not Your Father’s Lighting Setup

I was walking across the Home Depot parking lot the other evening when I noticed something a little amiss out of the corner of my eye regarding the Olds Ciera parked up front.  Once I turned my head completely, whoa!  This called for a slight detour on your behalf, my faithful readers.

It’s very likely that the owner of this car had a little (or maybe not so little) mishap during one of the more recent snow events.  Replacing the front end with new parts would be expensive, and looking for and scavenging used parts from a Pull-Your-Part wrecker would involve laying on the ground in the cold, which is only comfortable and desirable for our Canadian CC contributors.  For us more civilized (and softer) folk down here, why not just fashion something from the goods on aisles 12, 22, and 31 at the local Home Depot instead?

The 2×6 bumper beam is probably just as solid as whatever was there before.  The pieces of masonite siding as lighting backer plates I’m not too sure about holding up while careening down I-25 at 75-80mph but maybe it’s just a local driver; however the dual ratchet straps holding this assembly over the hood are likely solid enough.  As a bonus they kind of look like dual black metal banana slug hood ornaments.  Hopefully the Olds doesn’t burn oil, un- and re-strapping might be a little annoying, but judging by how many of these are still plying the roads of the American Midwest there don’t seem to be too many maintenance and longevity issues.

The wicked-looking 3″ screws are probably overkill but at least they aren’t pointed the other way.  Perhaps a proper bolt and nut setup (hardware on aisle 5) would be an improvement.  A couple of zip-ties (available on aisle 8) to tame the wiring would go a long way towards possibly making this a Mr. Goodwrench approved modification.  Or perhaps just Homer approved.  Extra style points should be awarded regarding how the owner managed to mount the whole thing using what appear to be the original bumper brackets.

I did walk around the back to be sure there wasn’t a matching rear setup, however it all appears stock, although this may be the first trailer hitch I’ve ever seen on a Ciera.  In any case, this sight made my late night shopping trip a little less mundane, have any of you seen any “creative” repairs lately?