CC Outtake: 1990-94 Chrysler LeBaron Sedan – Just Shave It Off!

Looking at one of these 1990-94 Chrysler LeBaron sedans is like spying a handsome middle-aged gentleman across the bar. He’s got some nicely polished dress shoes on, his suit is crisp and well-fitted if a little conservative. “He’s not bad to look at,” you think. And then you look up at his head and you see he’s wearing one nasty toupee. He’s too self-conscious to go all Bruce Willis and shave his head, and instead he’s dressing his dome with a thoroughly unconvincing hairpiece. Why?!

The AA-Body sedans – Chrysler LeBaron, Dodge Spirit and Plymouth Acclaim – were as conservatively-styled as any of Iacocca’s K-derived sedans. Just take a look at that vertical rear backlight! Despite this, they were sufficiently rounded off at the corners to look modern and they’ve aged relatively well. They were also blessed with better proportions than the larger K-derived sedans like the Chrysler Imperial. This example – photographed in Mexico, where it was sold as the New Yorker – is particularly handsome with its lacy-spoked alloy wheels and silver paint. But then that puffy landau roof sticks out like a painful goitre, and this angle just accentuates the pretentious protrusion. Again, I must ask: why?!

Photographed in Roma Norte, Mexico City.