CC Outtake: 1990 Lincoln Continental – Finding My White Whale… Sort Of

For us Curbside Classic photographing individuals, we all have one or several cars that for various reasons we just can’t seem to find the opportunity to get on camera. Most of the time this is due to the fact that the car in question has become quite rare, as is the case with the 1988-1994 Lincoln Continental.

In my quest to find one of these Continentals that has now been going on for about three years, I have seen just three of these in the metal: a white one passed me in the opposite direction on a road in upstate New York in fall of 2015, a green one passed me in the opposite direction on I-93 just outside Boston a few days ago from writing this, and then there’s this Crystal Blue one I spotted out in Los Angeles while on business about a month ago.

Riding with my sales manager, Alex, in our BMW 430i convertible rental as we were hurrying back to LAX to catch our red eye back to Boston, I caught sight of this Continental (not sure of exact year; 1990-1993 styling). Just as we were about to pass it, I told Alex to slow down so I could get a quick shot. I actually handed my phone to him to take it, as he was on the closer side of the car.

Unfortunately, this is the only image I was able to capture as due to the gridlock L.A. traffic that required us to take this route in the first place. The darkness of night wouldn’t have made for good-quality images anyway. So while I did find my white whale, I guess my quest to find and photograph a 1988-1994 Continental in full isn’t entirely over yet.

Photographed: Grand View Blvd, Los Angeles, California – February 2017