CC Outtake: 1991 Acura Integra LS – Minty Fresh

Boasting a low curb weight, acclaimed handling dynamics, and rev-happy, high output four cylinders, from very early on, the Honda/Acura Integra was always a popular car for tuning and various other modifications, both performance and cosmetic. As a result, finding an unmolested, stock Integra, let alone one in such clean condition is not an easy task.

This particular 1991 Integra coupe is a mid-level LS model in Jasper Green, and about as mint as they come these days, in daily driver form at least (an almost identical 5,800-mile example I found on eBay two years ago is obviously an outlier). Talk about Integra integrity.

Photographed in Boston’s South End – Boston, Massachusetts – November 2017

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